Elite Cardiology Solutions is dedicated to the investigation of novel concepts in the areas of Health Status Outcomes to improve the survival and quality of life for people with heart failure. “Health” is a state of “complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease.” Introducing a foreign body into the heart, a part of the human anatomy that symbolically reflects emotions, may be considered as a major life event. In this respect, implantation of a pacemaker or an ICD in a patient may result in a change in body image, cause problems in psychosocial adaptation and quality of life, and contribute to the development of depression, anxiety and other affective disorders.

Dr. Nguyen authored and is the primary investigator of the REFORM (Registry Evaluating Functional Outcomes of Resynchronizing Management) clinical trial that is actively enrolling patients at three sites; Provena Saint Joseph Hospital, Mid America Heart Institute, and Oklahoma Heart Center. This trial seeks to determine how patients benefit from defibrillators that are capable of pacing both ventricles of the heart. The big question is, how does this result in improved quality of life. The REMOTE HS (Registry Evaluating Monitoring Therapy on Health Status) study was formulated to evaluate the degree of depression, anxiety and other aspects of heath status among patients who have defibrillators with home monitoring capabilities. Patients with defibrillators can be monitored at home with a mobile transmitter that can wirelessly receive important life saving information about their heart rhythms that would allow doctors to treat patients more promptly if something is amiss.

Elite Cardiology Solutions is committed to translating scientific discoveries into effective therapeutic strategies for all patients. Only through research and education that we may deliver the future today.